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and I continue kissing his penis. My boyfriend is very sensitive to the penis and when I start smoking his penis, he`s completely exhausted. and I enjoy it very much. Every sex with him is absolutely amazing. I have never experienced sex like this. Every sex with him gets better and better. And he turns me on so much. Not just with your looks. But just when he touches me, I feel so much excitement and I`m wet right away…I imagine how beautifully he rides inside me and sex with him is like being in paradise.


Takes me to heaven. During sex, we alternate different positions, but my boyfriend prefers the position from behind. So, I don`t need her much. I prefer the position from behind or missionary. And I have to tell you that a boyfriend just knows how to do it in bed. He is so gentle and perfect, but he is simply my god and my darling, whom I wouldn`t trade for anything in the world. Sex with him is the most amazing thing in the world. Every touch of his and every kiss of his excites me… and that`s probably because I`m madly in love with him and everything is supposed to be that way. I am so lucky to have a man who takes care of me, and my needs and I hope it stays that way forever. He is just perfect.